Explorer Overland/Off Road Trailer

explorer-trailerLast year we finally put together the Explorer trailer in its final guise after a rigorous 2 year trial.

Designed to support a Roof Top Tent, opposed to a Trailer Top Tent, this small nimble unit has proved itself over the past 2 years covering approximately 15,000 miles through the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Holland and Poland without falter.

More details will be uploaded to the web site soon but, CLICK HERE to read an article kindly written by Land Rover World in their March 2013 issue.

We are also privileged to have had the Explorer Trailer chosen to support satellite communication systems for use with the Tri-Services.


MyWay Voyager GT or LSE?

Not decided yet??!!

Here is our extended version of our Voyager Trailer in Tomb Rader colours. What do you think?


  • An extra 2 foot nose length to accommodate an extra locker
  • Running board extensions to streamline the extra length
  • In fills to neaten the space under the side lockers
  • Experimental rear mounted spare wheel

In test the trailer tows very well with zero tendencies to pitch or snake. The extra nose weight (compensated slightly by the rear mounted spare wheel) is not so excessive as to make un-hitched maneuvering impossible (like some brands I can mention) and reversing is easier.

I guess at the moment approximately 40 kilos has been added to the Voyager making a fully kitted GT/LSE shy of 800kilos.

The cost of making a GT/LSE version has not yet been calculated but we would not be too far out between £8-900; still several thousands of £’s better value than any comparable product.

Keep watching the blog for additions we are adding to our Explorer trailer and consequently updates to our web site on this versatile small unit.

For Sale

Upgrading to a TR6SE long wheel base special? We have a customer selling a Voyager TR1 SE spec. Pictured here the Trailer tent features a TR1 “Raid” tent, twin lockers to the Voyager body and inbuilt water and LPG tanks…

Voyager TR1 SE Spec Used Trailer Tent for Sale

Ready to go, so you can avoid the waiting list and save over £1,500 at a cost of only £5,750!

Email mywayrooftents@talktalk.net and your enquiry shall be forwarded.

MyWay Roof Tent Sales up 50%!

Despite an ever worsening economy, roof tent sales are up by 50% this year.

After a poor start early in the year, thanks to an ill-timed increase in VAT, Easter’s good weather spawned immediate demand. Thanks also to a glowing review in the Land Rover Owner Magazine, clearly favouring Myway, sales continued to be strong despite unavoidable price increases. With good stocks we have been able to quickly meet this demand and have increased our stock level pre-empting our continued growing share of the market and interests from abroad.

Many thanks to all who endorse MyWay and continue to communicate the merits over alternative brands, without which we wouldn’t have a trade.

As we move forward we are delighted to introduce the Camp Cover range to our stocks and delight in having another South African premium product to offer as we strive to supply only the best!

Customers viewing our new Camp Cover range at Peterborough Show 2011

Customers viewing our new Camp Cover range at Peterborough Show 2011

To find out more about MyWay products, please click here to visit www.mywayrooftents.co.uk.